7 Tips on Picking a Storage Facility

July 25th 2017

1. Location

When you store your belongings you usually want to be able to access them quick and easy so looking for a facility that is close and convenient is important! One that is close to home or work is best. Check them out using Google Maps to find one near you!

2. Check Reviews & Ask for Recommendations!

Before you start your search, my advice is to read ample of reviews online and ask everyone for recommendations from family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. It’s worth your time to find out about a company’s reputation before signing on the dotted line.

3. Talk to the Staff

Usually, when you talk with the team/staff members at a facility you can get a feel for how they run their business. Follow your gut and go with the one that makes you feel the most comfortable. First impressions tell a lot about a company and positive impressions are more likely to continue while your stay with them!

You want to ensure that you trust leaving your valuables with the storage company. Choose a storage facility with an “I Care Attitude”. A good company will have professional and friendly staff on-site to help you decide on the right option for your needs.

4. Security!

When storing your things, whether they are of immense value or not, security is VERY IMPORTANT! Before you choose a facility, make sure to check their security system. Ask for things like:

• Do they have cameras?
• Does the yard have lighting?
• Is it fully fenced?
• How do people access the yard?
• Is there a gate control?
• Do they have on site personal?
• Do they do yard checks and how often?

5. Condition of Buildings and Yard

When you’re looking for a potential storage company, have a look for cleanliness. Places like the main office, in the lockers themselves, the grounds and property. A messy facility is a sign that they don’t have an “I Care Attitude” and that their belongings aren’t important to them so why would yours be!? Especially when it comes to keeping bugs and pests away. So, when researching a storage facility, check that:

1. The storage buildings are in decent shape with no physical damage. Any holes or cracks in the foundations, walls, or roofs can be a sign of or lead to leaks, pest problems, or other issues!
2. The premises are clean, tidy, and well-kept. Scattered garbage, dirty lockers, and messy offices mean lower “I Care Attitude”, bigger fire potential, and other possible problems.
3. The lighting is sufficient and provides a good level of visibility at any time of the day and night, so that you have no problems when handling your stuff or moving around and through the property.
4. The on-site staff and manager are responsive, well mannered, and well-informed about the company’s operations.

Remember that you must never select a self-storage facility without having first visited it in person to find out all its strong and weak points. Only then will you be able to reach an informed decision and make sure that your cherished possessions will be in good hands.

5. Check the Rules/Contract/Guidelines

Not all self-storage companies are the same. Some offer long-term or short-term leases only, while some offer a variety of options. A lot of facilities will charge more because of a convenient location while you’ll find cheaper ones in a less busy area of town. Also, some storage businesses will only allow you to access your things at certain times of day and on certain days of the week while some facilities have 24/7 access. Details like these and any other rules the place may have are important to keep in the back of your mind when deciding if a place is right for you.

6. Flexible Access Hours

Storage facilities offer a wide variety of access hours so you should consider what each one offers to meet your needs and requirements.

7. Variety of rates and payment options

Self storage rental rates vary from one facility to another depending on the location and your unit size. Most storage companies rent by the month and some will rent by the week. Some monthly rental options will refund your unused days if you no longer need storage. Some companies charge a setup fee, or require a security deposit. Find out if you have to come in every month to pay your rent or if they offer more convenient options including online payments.


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