Remote Video Monitoring at Los Rios Storage, Kamloops BC

With Live Patrol’s 24-hour video monitoring in place, they are ready to respond whenever an intrusion or attempted break-in occurs, trained operators will respond to an intrusion immediately.

With video verified security alarms in place, our system can automatically capture video of an incident and send video of the event to Live Patrol, where it can be immediately analyzed and responded to in real time. Benefits are a quicker police response to a crime in progress.

Security was previously monitored by Houle, who has now partnered with Live Patrol, which is why Houle is highlighted in the video below.

Our live video monitoring system also includes a voice-down functionality where, in response to detected events, the operators can directly inform trespassers they are being monitored and advise them to leave the premises. The use of voice-down functionality gives a virtual on-site presence.


Our storage facility is approved by the Kamloops Fire Department, meeting all emergency fire needs. We also have fire rated walls, which protect each individual unit and is required by the BC Building Code and insurance companies.


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