Self-Employed? Rent a Storage Unit!

May 6th 2021

Whether you’re holding overflow inventory or protecting valuables during a cleaning, a self-employed business owner can benefit greatly from a storage unit. Los Rios is a storage provider servicing Kamloops business owners from a convenient central location just across the Red Bridge from downtown, and they bring four benefits of having a storage unit for your small business.

Efficiency Through Organization

Self-employed individuals and business owners, in general, are busy people and often lead lives with organization and systems in place to facilitate efficiency. Since time equals money for the entrepreneur, each moment spent looking for a place to put something, or scrounging around for something you need is lost profits. By simply adding extra storage, business owners free themselves from the stresses of disorganization - getting them back to managing their company.

Mitigates Risk

Stacked boxes and exposed, expensive goods are a liability to loss and theft, especially if not designated to the showroom. By removing falling hazards, and items not needed right that moment from walkways and out of view, you can prevent theft, falls, and spills before they happen. Also, as a secondary benefit, items stored in your storage unit will be protected from the elements in the event of weather event or unexpected catastrophes.

Cost-Effective Storage

If you’ve ever been in need of more space, but you can’t exactly drop a fist-full of cash for a renovation on your building, a storage unit is a perfect answer. Since they are a fraction of the cost, a storage unit keeps more money in your pocket whilst providing the extra room you need. Storage units are a great option for holding onto expensive machinery or supplies that you may not need right then and there but may need to access in the future.

Rent a storage unit today!

Los Rios has a wide range of mini storage units available for your every need. From a walk-in closet to a one-car garage, Los Rios has a mini storage unit facility in a convenient location in downtown Kamloops just across the Red Bridge. Learn more about our storage services in Kamloops then reserve your storage unit today!


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