Storage Units vs Lockers: The Differences Between Storage Types in Kamloops

September 11th 2019

Self storage units give people a place to store everything from cars and boats to household furniture and clothing. At Los Rios Storage, located at 795 E Athabasca St in Kamloops, we know they come in many different sizes to hold all sorts of items providing space for residents and business owners who lack it. Some people refer to self storage units as storage lockers even though they are not the same thing. Los Rios Storage is here to help you understand the difference and how to select the right unit for you.

Storage Unit or Locker: Which is Which?

A self storage unit is much larger. A self storage unit varies in size from a smaller 5’x5’ space to something with as much space as a three bedroom house. The ceiling is also higher in a self storage unit, making it useful for placing large furniture like couches on their side. Self storage lockers are much smaller such as 3’x3’ with a lower ceiling. They are ideal for small items such as luggage, seasonal decorations and school and office supplies.

Self Storage Lockers are Inside the Facility

You will not ever drive up to a self storage locker. Self storage facilities have interior units and lockers in a climate controlled setting indoors. You can walk into the storage facility, put your items in your locker and exit with ease. If you are looking for an exterior self storage locker that you can drive up to, you will want to invest in a self storage unit.

Self Storage Units and Self Storage Lockers Have the Same Purpose

No matter what you are storing, self storage lockers and self storage units are places for keeping your items safe and secure away from home. You will want a locker if you are storing smaller items and do not require more than three feet of space. If you are relocating or storing larger items and in need of a lot of space, a self storage unit would work best.

Find The Right Size At Los Rios Storage

Now that you know the difference between a self storage unit and a self storage locker, you will not have a problem finding the right one for you! At Los Rios Storage, we offer storage areas in a variety of sizes ensuring you are able to find a size to suit your needs. Whether you are storing small items like luggage or large items like furniture the choice is easy. At Los Rios Storage, we have a safe and secure yard with drive up self storage units, as well as outdoor R.V. and boat storage. Give us a call or come by to see us at 795 E Athabasca St, Kamloops B.C. and let us help you find the right size self storage unit for your needs.


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