Top Reasons Our Customers Rent Self Storage Units

February 24th 2021

Over the years here at Los Rios Storage, located at 795 Athabasca St E in Kamloops BC, we have heard a variety of reasons why our customers choose to rent a self-storage unit. Self-storage units offer many options for keeping belongings safe and out of the way while you transition, needs, allowing you to pack up everything from furniture to paperwork. Here are some of the top reasons why our customers are using a self-storage unit.




The declutter and minimalist movement has made it trendy to part with the crazy number of belongings we have accumulated over the years. For some of the people, this is easier said than done. Fortunately, a self-storage unit can make it easier than ever to clear out un-used items without parting with them permanently. A self-storage unit gives you all the benefits of having minimal clutter in your home without feeling like you are losing your belongings.


Organizing Home Storage


Another reason our customers have decided to use a self-storage unit here at Los Rios Storage is to organize their own storage spaces at home. Closets, cupboard basements and garages often wind-up overflowing with items that are not in use regularly. Sorting through these items and sending the less used items to a self-storage unit frees up space at home helping it make it easier to access more frequently used items.

Long- Term Travel Plans


Whether for business or pleasure, long-term travel can be tough on living expenses. Some customers choose not to have a traditional living space and store their belongings until they have secured a return date. A self-storage unit offers enough space for all your belongings as well as peace of mind knowing that they are safe and secure.


Buying or Selling a Home


Another reason we have heard why our customers rent a self-storage unit is they are selling or buying a home. Showing your house without the clutter of everyday life, renting a self-storage unit will keep your belongings safe until you are ready to unpack in your new home. Or if you are in the process of buying a new home but closing complications have delayed your move-in date, a self-storage unit is a good option to consider.

Moving in With a Partner


Merging two households into one can be a bit tough. Many of us have enough belongings in our homes to live a full and comfortable life. When two individuals come together, many times it means double everything. Some couples will sell or give away some items, however, some are not ready to give up their belongings for good. Renting a self-storage unit lets a person hang on to their belongings while still allowing them to merge homes with their partner.


Retiring to a Seniors Community


Downsizing or moving into a senior’s complex is another popular reason our customers are renting a self-storage unit. These complexes offer support, security and simplicity for many seniors. However, just because this lifestyle offers the convenience of not having to furnish an entire home, some are just not ready to part with their furnishings, mementos and keepsakes accumulated over a lifetime. Renting a self-storage unit offers a perfect solution to hanging on to a lifetime of keepsakes without cluttering your new home.


Seasonal Belongings


There are somethings in every home that only get used at certain times of the year. For example, the lawnmower does not do too much during the winter months, just as a snowblower is not going to get a lot of use during the summer months here in Kamloops. These are just two examples that take up valuable space in our homes, tool sheds and garages. By renting a self-storage unit at Los Rios Storage, our customers are able to keep all of their seasonal items organized and ready to use when needed.


Business Storage


Finally, some business owners use a self-storage unit to keep filing cabinets full of old information and documents not needed daily or to store extra furniture and product overstock. Being centrally located in the heart of Kamloops BC, this makes it convenient for business owners to easily access all their business-related belongings while having the peace of mind that it is all secure and safe.


At Los Rios Storage, we find that these are some of the top reasons why our customers rent self-storage units with us. Give us a call at (250)828-2345 and let us see how we can accommodate your self-storage needs today.



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