Self Storage Security at Los Rios Storage

February 13th 2020

When looking for a self storage facility or outdoor RV storage, security should be at the top of your list of priorities. At Los Rios Storage, located at 795 E Athabasca St in Kamloops BC, we take pride in making sure that our current customers and our potential customers have peace of mind knowing that their self storage unit and /or RV’s being stored in our outdoor storage are safe and secure.

The fencing around our storage facility and our fantastic 24 hour monitored security system are just the beginning of some of the security measures we have in place at Los Rios Storage. The following are a few other items you should be looking for in a self storage facility and what Los Rios Storage has put into place to ensure your belongings are safe while in our care.


One of the most important security features you should watch for in a self storage facility is the presence of a working surveillance system. Find out if it is monitored constantly by security staff or if they are reviewed only in the event of a theft. At Los Rios Storage, we have a 24 hour monitored security system installed and monitored by Houle Security Division Kamloops. We feel this system is one of the best in Kamloops and our customers agree. Since installation, we’ve had two break ins where the intruder/ intruders made their way into our yard but were caught in less than an hour. With these cameras being monitored and recorded by the security company, the police were called right away before any damage was done. Check our security tab and watch a video about how well this security system works!


Self storage facilities are often surrounded by some sort of fence or barriers. Here at Los Rios Storage we have a chain linked fence with barbed wire on top of it. This makes it difficult for an intruder to climb over without getting caught up and/or injured. This acts as a great deterrent for keeping intruders out.


Many self storage facilities offer a gate that can be opened by a card swipe, a personal access code, or a FOB. Los Rios Storage offers a FOB that is registered to the name of the person who is renting the unit. This way we are able to monitor everyone coming in to our self storage facility.

At Los Rios Storage, we take a lot of pride in the security measures we have in place. Among many benefits, they give our customers peace of mind knowing that their belongings are safely monitored 24 hours a day.

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