Basement Organization and Storage

March 8th 2021

In our endeavour of providing versatile storage solutions at our facility, Los Rios Storage, in Kamloops BC, we find satisfaction in providing unique storage and space organization remedies to our clients that declutter their homes and better optimize their personal spaces leaving space only for happy memories and soulful existence. Drawing from our experience in organization and storage, we would like to give you some ideas regarding the organization of your basement storage.

Basement being one of the largest open spaces in homes, it can be key to keeping possessions catalogued and organized. Our experience has highlighted several problems when using basements for storage like running out of space, ugly appearance and tracking items which can easily be cured by following some of the below mentioned innovative tips and strategies for better organization of storage space in the basement.

Open shelving including cubby spaces

These can be used for storing containers, groceries, and cleaning supplies including smaller items of seldom use. They free up the floor space for storing large appliances and cabinets.


Built-in storage and using old cabinets

They can be custom-built to use space below a staircase or contorted corners in the basement including decluttering an otherwise cluttered-looking space. Older cabinets no longer in use can be put in the basement for the organization of fragmented items.


Hang items to the roof

Using roof tethered hooks is generally a more accepted approach to making better use of the roof in the basement to hang and store items opening the wall and floor space for other kinds of storage. Depending on the weight of items to be hung, different types of hooks can be used to store bicycles, rugs, or using a net to create a pocket to store other smaller pieces.


Using plastic storage bins and air-tight containers

Plastic storage is a versatile form of storage, available in different shapes and sizes and can be used to store various categories of products facilitating the better organization of space. They also do a good job at keeping the moisture out and are well suited to storing food products. It is easy to label and carry them around coming in handy when moving.


Creating a pegboard

Use a full wall of your basement into attractive and useful storage by creating a pegboard on the wall. It can be used to create a system of storing small items such as tools, paints, art supplies or cleaning supplies by using panels, hooks, baskets, and shelves. You can also use a magnetic board to keep items like notes, small accessories or sewing items for better organization of basement capacity.


Maintaining updated inventory

Keeping a register of items and marking all storage options in the basement is a good exercise in tracking and inventory organization. This would help save time in locating a particular item in busy storage space and makes it possible for an annual review exercise to get rid of items that are no longer required. It also prevents undue addition to the storage by preventing duplication.


Even after these insights into better optimization of your basement storage, if you are not able to manage enough space or organize basement space, our storage facility in downtown Kamloops can hold onto anything that does not fit! We cater to the varied and independent needs of our clients by offering a range of storage options in both our indoor and outdoor storage spaces including space for RVs, boats, and trucks with contemporary security systems.  Check out our Products and Services page to discover different solutions we offer our valued clients.


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