Camping Storage Ideas: Tips For Keeping Your Gear Organized In Winter

March 3rd 2021

Los Rio Storage, located in Kamloops British Columbia, a family-run self-storage business, offers a variety of self-storage options within our clean, secure, affordable, and closely monitored gated facility.


Most of us have items that will need to be stored at some point, whether it is to make more space in our home or business or for seasonal reasons. At Los Rio Storage, we ensure our facilities' security is of the highest standards, protecting your belongings while they are away from home, giving you the peace of mind, you deserve until your items are back in your possession.


Our units vary in size from the walk-in closet and locker units to larger units designed for automobiles and large furniture. We make certain there are storage solutions for everyone's individual needs including seasonal storage requirements, such as camping gear.


Over the many years in the industry, Los Rio has acquired extensive knowledge of the absolute best methods of storing items, which will undoubtedly increase the life of your items and have you back to enjoying your items when the warmer season returns.



Keep Your Gear Organized In Winter


1: Use Transparent Storage Bins and Label

Most of us, at one time or another, have put something away in a bag, bin, or tote and convinced ourselves that we will remember not only what items we stored, but where we put these items, to only realize after some time that that is indeed not the case.

Using see-through storage bins, with labels, for camping gear storage is not only an excellent way to identify what items are in the bin but also saves a whole lot of time and frustration when you are looking for specific possessions. By being able to have a quick look around and locate what it is you are looking for will help relieve such frustration for sure but will also keep your gear secure, dry, and clean.


2: Store Scented & Un-Scented Items Separately

A very commonly overlooked storage factor when storing camping gear and other items with scents.

Most of us do not consider scents when storing items but scented articles make quite an impact on the other gear that is packed away.

Specify certain totes, bins, and bags for scented items and others for non-scented items as to not end up contaminating your non-scented possessions.

Using separate bins or odour-proof barrier bags will make this task easy to separate the two and keep your belongings smelling, or not smelling, as they were intended to.


3: Hang Items

This method is a great way to save space and ensure that your air mattresses, sleeping bags, blankets, and tents do not get worn from constantly rolling and unrolling the item. Rolling and folding such items will eventually damage the fabric over time, which can cause the material to crack or tear, and which will also decrease the effectiveness of the waterproof or fire-retardant coating.

Besides the obvious factor of saving money by not having to replace items due to damages, the hanging method will also make your camping gear very accessible and easy to grab for those spurs of the moment adventures.


4: Keep It Clean, Dry, and Humid Free

Keeping your camping gear clean and dry and in a humid-free environment is essential for protecting your belongings and prolongs the overall lifespan of it all.

Washing all camping dishes, pans, clothing, sleeping bags, blankets, and tents, for some examples, will allow for the gear to be packed up and stored away for months at a time without the worry of mold developing and lessening the possibilities of the materials breaking down due to improper storage.


5: Storing Hazardous Materials

Camping does not usually come across as a dangerous activity, but there are plenty of dangerous objects, such as propane bottles, flammable fabrics, flashlights, and fire starters which can cause potential injury and hazards if not properly stored.

Flammable items need to be stored away from heat sources, other flammable items, and electrical systems. It is recommended to remove any batteries to eliminate any erosion possibilities as well.

Humidity is another contributing factor to potential hazard risks when it comes to storing camping gear. Storing hazardous products sensibly and safely in a dry environment will make certain the risks are minimized, if not completely prevented.


Whether you are looking for storage for a fully furnished house, to make more room on a job site, clear out space for the arrival of a company, or require seasonal storage options, Los Rio Storage has the self-storage solution you are looking for.

With an abundance of self-storage unit options available, FOB-controlled gates, and 24/7 security in place, we make certain you are comfortable with your belongings being away until retrieved.

Explore more of the Products & Services provided at Los Rio Storage and be sure to contact one of our team members today to find the perfect storage option for your needs!


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