How to Pack Your Belongings for a Non Climate Controlled Storage

October 1st 2019

Here at Los Rios Storage, located at 795 E Athabasca St in Kamloops, we have a variety of sizes of non climate controlled self storage units. While some of your items may need a temperature controlled environment, when packed properly, many items can still be protected in a non climate controlled self storage unit.


Sometimes it is necessary to store your furniture, whether it is a temporary situation like a remodel or a longer-term solution such as a relocation or taking an extended trip. If you plan to store your furniture in one of our non climate controlled self storage units, how you prepare the furniture is an important step to helping its longevity. For added protection, apply sheets or drop clothes to your furnishings and secure with tape, being careful not to tape onto the furniture itself.

Wood Items

* Take table legs off. Not only will this prevent the table from being damaged but it will take up less room in your storage unit. The same applies for chairs and other furniture with removable legs. Keep hardware in a small bag with the piece of furniture. That’ll make reassembling much easier.
* To protect from moisture and dust, clean and wax all wood pieces before wrapping or covering and storing.
* To avoid scratches while moving and damage while in storage, place blankets or padded covers between.

Mattresses, Upholstered Chairs and Sofas

* Vacuum all surfaces to remove unwanted dust
* Wipe surfaces clean with a fabric-safe antibacterial cleaner.
* Allow plenty of time for the material to dry in a well-ventilated area before placing into the self storage unit. This will prevent moisture from being trapped, saving your furniture from discolouration marks over time.
* Do not store heavy items in top of mattresses, sofas or chairs. This may cause damage to the cushioning.


* Before you begin to unplug all your electronics, take a photo of the connections to remind you of which wires belong to which outlet. It can be hard to remember your exact setup and confusing if you are connecting 5 devices and all the cords look the same. Keep the wires and other accessories bundled together with the device they belong to.
* If possible, when boxing up your electronics it’s best to store them in their original packaging material. If you no longer have the original packaging, fill all empty space in the box with bubble wrap or packing peanuts.
* Never cover or wrap your electronics in plastic, this allows moisture to be trapped and damage your devices.
* Store your electronics near the back of your self storage unit to help protect from the elements and temperature changes.
* Keep large flat screen televisions off the floor.
* Do not place items on top of electronics if they are not well packed, as this may cause permanent damage.


* Drain all liquid from any hoses to prevent mold or mildew.
* Clean all food and debris from all internal and external surfaces to deter unwanted pests.
* To avoid damaging fragile parts, remove glass shelves from refrigerators and freezers. Wrap them with blankets or bubble wrap for safe storage.
* Keep refrigerator and freezer doors open slightly to allow some air flow.

Miscellaneous Tips

* Leave space between your belongings. This will prevent accidental damage and allow some air to flow. This also make it easier to access anything you might need to pull out of storage.
* Using moisture absorbers and placing them throughout your self storage unit will help protect against moisture build up.

There is a little more effort initially when storing at a non climate controlled self storage facility. However, you benefit by getting more storage space for less money than you might get at a climate controlled facility. At Los Rios Storage we offer 24- hour video monitoring security service and various different sized drive up units, making your storage experience with us secure and easily accessible. Give us a call to see how we can accommodate your needs.


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