How to Use Storage to Help with Spring Cleaning

April 9th 2019

Los Rios Storage in Kamloops, BC is a family-run facility with indoor storage units for household goods as well as outdoor RV, boat and trailer storage. Our aim is to meet all your needs for storing your belongings in one secure, easily accessible location. With easy drive up access to your unit 7 days a week, Los Rios Storage offers you convenience and quality.
While many people view storage as a service associated with moving, others make use of mini-storage units over a longer period to help out with the organization of their belongings. The reality may be that you own more stuff than you can fit in the space you have. Let’s look at the ways in which your Kamloops storage facility could help with your spring cleaning.

Box Up Winter Clothes and Gear

Once winter weather has given way to warmer, snow-free days, it could be the perfect time to box up the fall and winter clothes and gear – hunting equipment, snowshoes, skis, toboggans, and so on. Take all this down to your indoor storage unit and switch it up with your lighter spring and summer clothes and toys, like fishing, swimming, gardening, and/or hiking gear. Maybe you will also be pulling your boat, RV or other big spring and summer fun items out of storage!

Switch Over to Lighter Bedding

In deep cleaning bedrooms, don’t forget to launder and bag up your warm duvets, thermal blankets, flannel sheets and other warm bedding. These can go into mini-storage along with the warm clothes, in exchange for bamboo or cotton sheets, lighter bed spreads, throws and linens.

Dust and Clean Shelves

To get at your shelves for a deep cleaning, you may need to pull down the books you read, board games and such that kept your family busy over the cold winter months. You could store these away in your storage unit or donate some of the items. In exchange, maybe you have seasonal décor items, such as vases to pull out of storage and fill with fragrant blossoms.

Open the Windows – Before or After you Wash Them

During winter, opening a window may not be the best option as you lose precious heat. But now that spring has arrived, letting the air flow through your home will improve and freshen the indoor air quality. Spring is the time you will likely notice how dirty the windows have become, inside and out. Giving the windows and screens some cleaning attention can make a significant difference in visibility and moods! Don’t forget to dust the blinds, and maybe switch from insulated curtains to your lighter draperies.

Tackle the To-Do List A Little at A Time

For many families, spring cleaning is the one and only time of year to give the home a deep cleaning. It will create less stress if you look closely at each room or area separately, and decide what really must be done. Set some SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed) to help knock items and rooms off the list. Not too laid back, but also not too much to discourage everyone!

We hope you enjoy the benefits of spring cleaning your place, such as cleaner air, clearer views, and greater comfort from downsizing from all the bundling up days of winter. To make it easier and to free up valuable space in your home and yard, feel free to give us a call at Los Rios Storage in Kamloops. We have storage units as small as 5”x10” up to 10”x20” plus outdoor parking spaces for bigger items.


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