Packing Tips for Self-Storage Units

March 23rd 2023

At Los Rios Storage, located at 795 E Athabasca St in Kamloops, BC, we know that with all the work that goes into packing and moving homes, what type of boxes you will be using to store your items will be the last thing on your mind. You may feel the urge to throw all your belongings into the largest cardboard box you can find without much thought about what goes where and how you will be organizing them. It’s a good idea when you are packing anything into storage to consider what type of bins you and boxes you’ll be using. Otherwise, you could risk damaging your valuables and keepsakes in flimsy boxes that are easily damaged. The following is a guide to help you choose which types of containers you should be using for your storage needs.

Get Rid of Cardboard Boxes

Usually the first thought that comes to mind about packing is the typical cardboard box, they can be found anywhere and are inexpensive. However, cardboard boxes may not be the best option for your storage needs as they are easily damaged by heat, humidity, changing temperatures and multiple times being handled.

Strong Plastic Totes

Plastic totes are better for long term storage use because they are not easily damaged. They are more durable and provide more protection against the outside elements and can last for multiple uses. While less expensive options may be tempting, strong plastic will give you the most bang for your buck, making them a more economical choice.

Make Them Stackable

Another great advantage with most plastic bins is that they are easily stackable, maximizing your storage space. This will be especially important if space is tight or you are just looking to get more out of your storage unit. While it is not usually recommended to pile boxes up too high in a storage unit, a reasonable amount of stacking can increase the space you have to work with.

Special Packing

When storing different items such as TV’s, computers and other electronics, it is best to store them in their original box or special packaging to prevent damage if possible. If the original packaging is not available, you can use special packaging that is designed for those items that are more fragile. Yes, this type of packaging is a little more expensive but it’s well worth it knowing that they are well protected while in storage.

Create Labels

Another good tip to help keep your self-storage unit organized is to create labels for each tote. This will make it easier when you are trying to find an item rather than wasting unnecessary time going through each tote. Creating labels can be as easy as printing them from your computer or as fancy as creating custom labels with a label maker.

Storing Clothing

If you are planning to store clothing, invest in a wardrobe rack so that you can have your clothes hanging up, preventing then from creasing and becoming damaged. Wardrobe racks come in various sizes to accommodate anything from shoes and purses to dresses and formal wear.

Consider Box and Tote Sizes

Before you buy any type of storage boxes or totes, you should have a size in mind. Think about what you are storing and how much room each item needs to be placed safely into box. Small boxes can generally hold up to 50 pounds worth of items and a larger box can hold up to 65 pounds. Also, when stacking boxes in a self-storage unit always stack lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes.

It may not seem too important which types of storage containers you use, it can help increase the lifespan of your belongings. When it comes to those more important and valuable belongings, you don’t want to risk these items becoming damaged or unusable.

At Los Rios Storage, it’s not only about choosing the right storage conditions , it’s choosing the right box as well. Give us a call at 250-828-2345 or drop by to see how we can help you with your storage needs.


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