The Benefits of a Drive-Up Self Storage Unit

January 21st 2022

At Los Rios Storage, located at 795 E Athabasca St in the heart of Kamloops BC, we know it can be a bit overwhelming to decide which type of self-storage unit is right for your storage needs. One often-overlooked option is drive up self-storage units. These units are far more efficient when you are loading and unloading a lot of items or heavier pieces like furniture or appliances. When narrowing down your options, it helps to understand what drive-up storage offers. The following are some of the benefits of a drive-up self-storage unit.

Less Wait Time:

Storage facilities can become quite busy, especially on weekends when most people are moving their belongings in or out. This could mean waiting for elevators and even having to book a time to use the elevators. With a drive-up self-storage unit, you can move at your convenience, no waiting required.


This would seem like an odd benefit, but you may have some valuable items you prefer others not to see when moving them into storage. When you use a drive-up self-storage unit, you have more privacy as you can back right up to the door, so it is harder for others to see what is being stored.

Protection from the Elements:

There is nothing worse than having bad weather on moving day. Although you will not be completely out of the weather, a drive-up self-storage unit will reduce the time yourself and your valuables will be exposed to rain and snow during your move. With the unit’s door right there, you can quickly get everything into the unit with minimal exposure to the elements.

Reduced Risk for Damage:

Moving items from your vehicle into a self-storage unit puts them at risk for damage. The further you must carry items, the more maneuvering in and out, and the more chance there is for damage. With a drive-up self-storage unit, you can carry your items directly into the space without having to worry about tight corners or elevator doors closing on you. It is a straight path requiring fewer steps.

Less Lugging:

With the shorter distance, there will be no worry about lugging heavier items that might be awkward to carry. Managing larger pieces of furniture and appliances without dropping them or injuring your back is less of a worry.

Do It Yourself Move:

With such easy access to your self-storge unit, this really becomes a DIY move. There is no need to pay for professional movers to help with even the heavy items because you will be unloading directly into your unit. This can save you money, it just takes one good, strong friend to get everything into your unit.

Less Stress:

With all these benefits, you will find that your move is less stressful in general. Your move will be quick, your belongings will be safer, and your back will thank you!!

A drive-up self-storage unit at Los Rios Storage, can offer many benefits for you, including a safe, stress-free move without the use of professional movers. Give our Kamloops office a call at 250-828-2345 to see how we can assist you with a drive-up self-storage unit today.


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