The Benefits of a Self Storage Unit Before and After the Christmas Season in Kamloops

November 20th 2019

With first snowfall already behind us at Los Rios Storage, located in the heart of Kamloops at 795 E Athabasca St, our thoughts turn to the upcoming Christmas season. Preparing in advance for the upcoming festive season can help make it a jolly time for everyone. With decorating the house and tree, the arrival of guests from out of town and in town and shopping for the perfect Christmas gifts , we think that having a self storage unit could be what you need to help you be prepared and organized for the best holiday season possible. We have listed a few examples of how a self storage unit at Los Rios Storage can come in handy this festive season.

Storing Extra Furniture:

The Christmas Season brings out Christmas trees and decorations, out of town family and guests that drop in for some Christmas cheer. All of these tend to make a home somewhat crowded. As cozy as it may seem in short term, long term trying to exist in an overcrowded home can make any situation less than ideal. Before your Christmas tree and decorations come out and guests arrive, choose items and furniture that you can be without for the festive season and place them into one of our self storage units. Creating space and knowing that your belongings are safe and secure with Los Rios Storage will help you enjoy Christmas with peace of mind.

Stashing Christmas Gifts:

Another reason for renting a self storage unit with Los Rios Storage around the holiday season is to keep gifts away from the prying eyes of kids, big and small. We like to think we have the greatest hiding places in our homes, but there are no other better detectives than kids at Christmas time. Keeping gifts stored away in a self storage unit will make them impossible to find, keeping the excitement of seeing your family’s genuine surprise as they open their gifts.

Storing Decorations After Christmas

At Los Rios Storage we think the perfect place for storing Christmas decorations is in a self storage unit. Units are a clean, dry and secure place to store sentimental Christmas decorations. With artificial Christmas trees being a very convenient option these days, finding a place to store it at home could be less convenient. Having your Christmas decorations and tree all stored in a single self storage unit leaves you with a less crowded basement or garage. Packing decorations in cardboard boxes or plastic totes will help keep them safe and out from under foot till next Christmas.

We have various sizes of self storage units to help with your Christmas preparations. We also offer short term and long-term unit rentals making it an ideal option to store during and after the holiday season. Being in the heart of Kamloops, we are conveniently located at 795 E Athabasca St. Give us a call or come by to see how we can help accommodate your needs today.


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