Tips For Preparing Your Vehicle For Storage in Kamloops

June 26th 2019

Since Kamloops is a hub city with easy highway access to most of beautiful British Columbia, having an extra road trip vehicle isn’t all that uncommon. Whether that sounds like you or not, there may come a time when you need to find extra vehicle storage for a car that isn’t being used. At Los Rios Storage, a Kamloops storage facility just off of Mt Paul Way, we know that finding safe and secure storage for your vehicle is the most important step in this process. Once you have selected a reliable vehicle storage facility, we have a few extra tips to help you get your vehicle ready for storage.

Wash, Vacuum and Wax Your Vehicle Before Storage

It’s important to make sure that your vehicle is cleaned thoroughly inside and out. Giving it a good wash and drying it thoroughly, is a good start. If you’re deciding to cover your vehicle while it’s being stored, waxing will help eliminate scratches. Vacuum the inside of all crumbs, making sure there is nothing in your vehicle that may attract insects and pests. Some recommend putting dryer sheets inside your vehicle to deter pests. These dryer sheets will also help to keep your vehicle from smelling stale.

Prep Your Tires

When storing your vehicle for long periods of time, air gradually releases from the tires and the weight of the vehicle presses the tires down causing flat spots. It’s recommended to inflate your tires to the maximum pressure recommendation listed on the side walls of your tires. This will account for the loss of air and will be easier on your tires.

Fluids, Gas and Power

The contaminants in used oil can damage your vehicles engine. Have your oil changed to make sure it’s as clean as possible before long term storage. A full tank of gas will prevent moisture from getting trapped inside and putting extra strain on the valves. If you’re planning on storing your vehicle longer than 30 days, it is a good idea to add a fuel stabilizer. Do this before filling the tank to prevent corrosion in the fuel line and it prevents the fuel from separating.

Remove the Battery

One issue that may arise while your vehicle is in storage is a dead battery. There are a few different options that may help to prevent this from happening. One option is to disconnect only the negative charge, preventing on-board computer systems and clocks from draining your battery. Another option is to attach a trickle charger. This is a car battery charger that is made to be left on a battery for long periods of time, keeping the battery from being completely depleted from nonuse. A third option is to take the battery out completely. Taking the battery home and storing it in a temperature controlled, dry, clean area well help keep the life of the battery.


We all know it’s important to have our vehicles insured, even while it’s in storage. Accidents happen, your vehicle can be damaged or cause damage to another. Comprehensive coverage is a good starting point for most vehicles being stored. Talk to your insurance broker to see what works best for your situation.

When you’re ready to take your vehicle out of storage, remember to make sure your insurance and license plate decals are current!

At Los Rios Storage, we have a variety of different size outdoor lots to choose from. Our yard is monitored 24 hrs a day and easily located at 795 E Athabasca St in Kamloops. Give us a call or stop by to see how we can accommodate your needs.


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